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48th Intelligent Sensing Program - Sensing in Harsh Environment

Event details
Thursday, 28 March 2019
9:30 am – 16:15 pm
Workshop around intelligent sensing

Event Summary

Following the transformation of the digital world, there are increasing needs for sensing technologies that can operate in harsh environments, such as those required for infrastructure monitoring in transportation and civil engineering, smart building, precision agriculture, and those exposed to chemicals and other harsh environments in a variety of industries and environmental sectors. UK has a strong industrial presence in many such industry sectors where sensors needs to operate in harsh environments. It also has a most vibrant sensor research community relevant to harsh environment sensing technologies.

In this one-day workshop, we aim to bring together industry users, sensor technology providers, new technology developers, and other relevant stakeholders including innovation funders, to network, sharing of knowledge, to stimulate new ideas, develop collaborations & partnerships, and to promote the innovation development in such sensing technologies in the UK.

In this event, a number of expert speakers have been invited, from key industries and researchers, to give talks covering key subjects relevant to market challenges and needs, state of the art commercial sensing technologies, emerging sensor technologies, as well as relevant innovation funding opportunities in the UK.

The event also has some exhibition spaces available for interested companies to book for displaying/showcasing their technologies, expertise, and capabilities to the event participants.

To attend the event or reserve for an exhibition place at the event, please complete an appropriate online registration form here.

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