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AI and the Data Economy for Batteries

Event details
Monday, 30 July 2018
9:30 am – 16:30 pm
A one-day workshop in London to discuss AI, big data, data management, and machine learning for batteries.

Half of the day will focus on an “Internet of Materials” platform for battery materials and the other half for digital tools for battery development. Hosted by Innovate UK, the Faraday Institution and KTN.

Draft Agenda

  • Introduction: ISCF and the Intersection of AI and Data Economy with Faraday – Zoë Webster, AIDE Challenge Director and Jacqui Murray, Faraday Challenge Deputy Director
  • Digital Tools for Battery Development – Greg Offer, Imperial College London
  • Building an Internet of Materials – Ed Pyzer-Knapp, IBM Research, Michael Gleaves, Hartree Centre, Philip Withers, Royce Institute and Lien Ngo, Innovate UK
  • Panel Discussion: Data Management for Battery Development and Energy Storage – Harry Hoster, Lancaster University, Sarah Callaghan, Centre for Environmental Data Analysis

Who should attend: 

  • People who are developing batteries, battery materials and battery/energy storage systems
  • People who are interested in using AI, machine learning, big data and data management tools to help speed up innovation in batteries and battery materials – this would include, for example, those who want to model battery materials and performance, those who want to digitally predict battery life or enable accelerated lifetime testing. This is where a battery system which uses sensors and data from sensors to, e.g., improve battery lifetime, might fit.
  • People who work in AI/ML/big data and are looking for use cases or example problems to apply digital tools to; battery materials and systems might be a good area to find these