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Clean Air Innovation Briefing Event

Event details
Tuesday, 13 November 2018
9:30 am – 15:15 pm
Tackling non-exhaust and non-road vehicle air pollution

UK Research and Innovation, in collaboration with the KTN, will be hosting a competition briefing event on the 13th November in London to present the first round of funding from the new innovation programme, “Tackling non-exhaust and non-road vehicle air pollution”.

Background: The UK has adopted ambitious, legally-binding targets to reduce emissions of five damaging air pollutants (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, non-methane volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter and sulphur dioxide) by 2020 and 2030; aiming to cut early deaths from air pollution by half. The Clean Air Strategy, setting out how we will work towards these goals, was published for consultation earlier this year. An important aspect of the Clean Air Strategy is the role that innovation can play in helping us to achieve our air quality goals.

What is the opportunity? As part of a broader programme of work to develop solutions to air pollution to help policymakers and businesses protect health and work towards a cleaner economy, this innovation competition will invest up to £5m to develop and demonstrate products or services which eradicate, minimise or reduce the harmful impact on air quality in one or more of these areas:

  • road vehicle brake and tyre wear and/or road surface wear
  • non-road mobile machinery used in construction
  • transport refrigeration unit emissions

The aim of this competition is to drive investment in up to 3 world-leading trials of solutions. The competition will be a two-phase process with £300,000 available for up to 6 projects in Phase 1, followed by £4.5m available for up to 3 projects in Phase 2.

More information on the competition can be found online here.

The briefing event will include:

  • an opportunity to hear about the scope of the competition in more detail
  • an opportunity to network and develop cross sector partnerships for the competition
  • an opportunity to meet with Innovate UK and NERC for 1:1 discussions about the competition

Who should attend? This event will benefit businesses, academics, researchers and local authorities involved in reducing or capturing air pollution relating to transport.

How can I find out more about it? Details about the competition will be posted on the website on the 12th November. For more details contact:

Not able to attend? The scope and competition process presentations will be available via webcast and you can register to join this section of the day online here.

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