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Energy Systems Study Group with Industry

Event details
Monday, 8 January 2018 at 9:30 am
University of Sussex, Brighton, BH1 9RH
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The First Mathematics Study Group on Energy Systems will take place at the University of Sussex, 8-10 January 2018.


Innovate UK‘s Knowledge Transfer Network and the University of Sussex Mathematics School are running a 3-day Study Group on Mathematics in Energy Systems. This will be run between the 8th – 10th January 2018.


This three day session will be an intense problem solving activity with some of Britain’s best mathematical scientists tackling some of the hardest problems in the energy systems industry. We would want to attract problems across the energy systems area – from storage, network supply, integration etc.


This will be the first Study Group on Energy Systems.


The importance of new and novel energy solutions is highlighted in recent investments by Her Majesty’s Government. The Faraday Challenge, for example, is an investment of £246 million over 4 years to help UK businesses seize the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy, to ensure the UK leads the world in the design, development and manufacture of batteries for the electrification of vehicles. There are many mathematically challenging topics including modelling degradation, power management, and integration.


The Problems: The problems to be tackled by the Study Group attendees will come from small to large companies from the battery design and manufacture sector. These problems (likely to be three) will be announced in due course.


Why take part in the Study Group?

  • Academics:
    Get new problems
    Expand your research portfolio
    Vital contacts with industry
    Meeting academics from different fields


  • Industry
    Get new solutions
    Access to highly qualified individuals
    Written report


Costs to Take Part:
The majority of the Study Group is paid for by the sponsoring organization (Innovate UK); however to cover some costs, there will be a nominal registration fee of £40. This fee will cover accommodation and meals for the three days. We also ask that travel costs should be sought from attendees’ own institutions.

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