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Food Industry Innovation 2019 - FoodTech Showcase

Event details
Thursday, 21 March 2019
10:00 am – 16:00 pm
Food Industry Innovation 2019 (FII2019) event with FoodTech Showcase


About Food Industry Innovation 2019

Following on from the successful inaugural Food Industry Innovation 2018 (FII2018) event the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) working with Innovate UK (IUK) will repeat the success in March 2019, whilst focusing on high growth potential SMEs in the FoodTech space. The 1-day event can be broken into the following areas, for people to easily move between and network;

  1. FoodTech showcase
  2. Thought leaders speaking on current industry challenges
  3. Business support zone


Complimentary table top spaces

Up to 12 UK-based high growth FoodTech* SMEs are being invited (via a competitive process) to have a complimentary table top space at FII2019 to showcase their innovative products to the audience. Applications closed on 28th February 2019. For further information please contact Debbie Tully (Knowledge Transfer Manager, Agri-Food).


FoodTech Showcase

UK-based high growth FoodTech SMEs who are seeking investment were invited to apply to take part in the FII2019 FoodTech Showcase (applications closed on 11th February). Successful applicants will receive two days of Accelerator Training Programme and Pitch Training, plus mentoring from KTN experts. This training includes;

  • Defining your value proposition
  • Pitching skills
  • Business plans for investors

A number of these companies will then be invited to pitch to a panel at FII2019 which will include an invited investor audience.


* Please note, for the purposes of this event we are defining FoodTech as: FoodTech is how we use new technology or processes to create an efficient, sustainable ecosystem for producing, transporting, preparing and cooking food.


Thought leadership presentations on industry challenges  

3 themes will be presented and discussed, each for no more than an hour, during the day, with audience participation and networking;

  • Theme 1 Food manufacturing and process efficiency – where can efficiencies be made?
  • Theme 2 Food product development – how do we make desirable “healthier food”?
  • Theme 3 Food supply chain – getting the supply chain to work better, together

Speaker details will be released soon.


Business Support Zone 

Throughout the day the Innovate UK family (and wider community) will be available for drop in sessions, in addition to a 1-to-1 short meeting platform providing the opportunity to meet attendees via advance agreement.



FII2019 will take place at Altitude London, Millbank, London, UK

For more information about this event please contact our sector lead
Simon Baty
Knowledge Transfer Manager, AgriFood