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How to win funds and influence people - Workshop for Business Support Services

Event details
Thursday, 8 March 2018
12:30 pm – 15:30 pm
A masterclass session with tips on how to write a good grant funding application.


Workshop for business support services

Grant funding is sometimes seen as a source of free money, but that’s a misnomer – it is as free as winning a sale or equity investment. Significant effort has to go into presenting the most compelling case to stand out from the crowd. So how do you advise your clients on the best approaches to grant funding applications? What are they key principles for successful grant writing and what information should be detailed to produce a competitive business case?


There is no magic formula for winning grant funding, but this workshop will cover what a good grant proposal looks like, why particular questions are asked and how to effectively structure information, clearly and concisely, in a format suitable for Innovate UK applications as well as other grant programmes.


This event will be of benefit if you are you an organisation or individual that provides any type of grant application service relevant to UK businesses & researchers (e.g. proposal preparation or review, grant or partner finding, project & consortium management).


Are you an SME?

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Cardiff – 9 March 2018 

Conwy – 13 March 2018

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12.30 Arrival and light lunch

13:15 Welcome

13:25 The UK funding landscape

13:35 How the Innovate UK application process works

14:35 Understanding what an Assessor is looking for

15:05 Q&A Session

15:30 Close of workshop