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Webinar: Medicines Manufacturing Round 2: Challenge Fund

Event details
Tuesday, 20 March 2018
13:30 pm – 15:30 pm
This event will be live streamed via webcast
A webinar run by Innovate UK to provide the official competition launch, with full competition details on Round 2 Medicines Manufacturing

A webinar run by Innovate UK to provide the official competition launch, with full competition details, to update companies, academics & organisations looking to put proposals in the £10m Round 2 Medicines Manufacturing Challenge Fund call.

A further round of £10m funding call for innovative projects in medicines manufacturing opens on 12th March. This funding comes from Wave 1 of the ISCF Leading Edge Healthcare Challenge.

The KTN is working with Innovate UK on an engagement event to update companies, academics and organisations looking to put proposals into this call.

On the 7th March, the KTN are also working with Innovate UK on an engagement event in York where you will have the opportunity to hear the latest on this as well as pitch for partners and network with others in the sector. To attend, register here.

Some scope details are listed below and or read the full document here:

Scope information:

This competition aims to stimulate the development of innovative methods or technologies to improve the manufacture of novel medicines for human use.

‘Novel’ medicines are those that have not yet been commercially launched on the market but may have been applied as part of clinical trials or under exemptions from the UK Human Medicines Regulations.

Proposals can include, but are not limited to, approaches that have the potential to deliver:

  • improved commercially viable manufacturing processes
  • methods for the reliable and robust scale-up of production of novel medicines
  • increased yield of active ingredient
  • lower cost of production and goods

In each case there must be reason to expect an improvement in excess of 25%. Small incremental improvements will be deemed to be outside scope.

In this competition medicines that are in scope and can be used as exemplar products are limited to:

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