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What can your business do to reduce plastic waste? – challenges and solutions - Huddersfield

UKCPN and MMN (Manufacturer Measurement Network) are holding a combined event on 9th July 2019 at 3M BIC.


16.30 – Registration desk opens for all, with snacks and refreshments
17.00 – ‘UKCPN event’ The Room”
17.55 – UKCPN event ends – move to the Atrium room
18.00 – ‘Robotics and Automation event’- Atrium Room
19.30 – Both events finish and final networking


Consumers are demanding that their plastic packaging is not damaging the environment and recent initiatives and laws demonstrate the effect that they are having. However, what about plastic waste that does not directly interact with a consumer? This accounts for 40% or 1.2mt of current UK plastic waste that is currently not recycled. It is clear that this needs addressing by the implementation of new technologies and innovations. The UKCPN is running a series of events to introduce potential opportunities for your business in this area and also understand the actual challenges you have, both now and in the future.

Come along to one of the sessions being held across the country if you would like to:

  • Maximise recycled plastic feedstock in the products you make.
  • Replace the plastics you use in your products with alternate materials.
  • Minimise plastic waste from your manufacturing processes (e.g. to landfill)
  • Explore alternative outlets/uses for the plastic waste generated in your manufacturing processes.

Also, if you are a solution provider for the challenges listed, we want to understand your capabilities and connect you to those who need help.

Robotics & Automation
Attend this event to gain an understanding of who is using robots & automation, how they are used and how you may be able to use these technologies to make your business more productive.

Robots and automation have been used in manufacturing for a long time, but predominantly in larger businesses. Emerging technological developments have led to more flexible, capable and lower cost systems which is leading to a greater integration into smaller manufacturers.

Find out how robots and automation are used by manufacturers, by hearing from users of these technologies and systems integrators. Hear about where research into these technologies is heading and what we can expect to emerge from this. Network with like-minded businesses and with the speakers.

Complimentary food and drink will be available on the evening and free parking will be available on a first come first serve basis from 5:15pm. To register to attend the Robotics and Automation event only, click here.


Speakers include:

CNC Robotics
Salford University
BAE Systems
Knowledge Transfer Network

More information will follow regarding lab tours on the evening…


Not able to attend? There will also be events in:

Wednesday 3rd July 16.00 – 19.00: Portsmouth University
Wednesday 18th September 08.00 – 10.30: Henry Royce Institute, Manchester


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