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Horizon 2020: Rural Renaissance (H2020-RUR-2018-2020)

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16 Oct 2018, 17:00
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23 Jan 2019, 17:00
23 Jan 2019, 17:00
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Horizon 2020

*** Please refer to the Participant Portal (Links Below) for up to date and correct information. ***


The Rural Renaissance call will enhance the natural, social, cultural and economic potential of rural areas (for the purpose of this call, the term “rural” is understood in a wide sense and also includes peri-urban, remote, mountain and coastal areas, unless otherwise specified in the topic description) and support policy coherence. It will boost economic development, ecosystem services and entrepreneurial innovation. This will be achieved by building on diversification and modernisation strategies, improving governance models, supporting innovative food and non-food (non-food chains include wood) value chains, and capitalising on local assets, including human natural and cultural capital.

The call will renew relevant policies dealing with rural areas and their analytical support tools. It will develop synergies between the main economic sectors of rural areas, strengthen the sustainable development of food and non-food chains making use of territorial assets, support the development of the circular economy in rural areas, develop a comprehensive approach towards digitisation as an enabler of rural economies, improve the agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS) in Europe so as to boost innovation and the delivery of the European Innovation Partnership “Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (so-called EIP-AGRI).

This call for proposals includes the following topics. Click on the topic to link directly to the Participant Portal.

CE-RUR-08-2018-2019-2020: Closing nutrient cycles

CE-RUR-10-2019: Circular bio-based business models for rural communities

LC-RUR-11-2019-2020: Sustainable wood value chains

RUR-01-2018-2019: Building modern rural policies on long-term visions and societal engagement

RUR-04-2018-2019: Analytical tools and models to support policies related to agriculture and food

RUR-15-2018-2019-2020: Thematic networks compiling knowledge ready for practice

RUR-16-2019: Fuelling the potential of advisors for innovation

For full details of the calls for proposals, please click the Register button below to link directly to the Participant Portal.

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