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Horizon 2020: FCH2 JU Call for Proposals 2017

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17 Jan 2017, 12:00
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20 Apr 2017, 12:00
20 Apr 2017, 12:00
Horizon 2020


FCH 2 JU is a public-private partnership focusing on the objective of accelerating the commercialization of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. FCH 2 JU was set up, within the Horizon 2020 Framework programme, as a Joint Undertaking by Council Regulation N° 559/2014. Its aim is to contribute to the Union’s wider competitiveness goals, leverage private investment, industry-led implementation structure.

Expected Results

i) reduce the production costs of fuel cells used in transport applications whilst increasing their lifetime to levels competitive with conventional technologies;
ii) increase electrical efficiency and durability of the different fuel cells used for power production, whilst reducing costs for power and CHP applications to levels competitive with conventional technologies;
iii) increase energy efficiency of the production of hydrogen from water electrolysis and renewable sources whilst reducing operational and capital costs so
that the combination of the hydrogen and the fuel cell system is competitive with the alternatives available in the marketplace;
iv) demonstrate on a large scale the feasibility of using hydrogen to support the integration of renewable energy sources into energy systems including through its use as a competitive energy storage medium for electricity produced from renewable energy sources; and
v) reduce the use of EU defined ‘critical raw materials’.

This call for proposals includes the following topics. Click on the topic to link directly to the Participant Portal.

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