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Horizon 2020: Online Security - Seamless Personal Authentication

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28 Sep 2017, 17:00
27 Sep 2018, 17:00
A share of €4m
Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is looking for a simple, secure and privacy-friendly way of seamlessly authenticating individuals online.

Internet plays an integral part in the lives of many European citizens. Using online products or services often requires to provide personal information. This comes with security risks, such as online fraud and identity theft. A big part of data breaches involves weak authentication methods.

Password protection has been the default method of authentication. It is simple and has many advantages but is also flawed in terms of security and usability. Other solutions such as using multi-factor authentication (MFA) help decrease privacy concerns but are expensive for providers. Users also often find MFA time consuming. Providers then struggle to get new users and retain existing ones. Citizens are also concerned about how authentication methods collect store and use the data it they collect.

Horizon 2020 is looking for an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solution that enables citizens to seamlessly authenticate themselves across a wide range of applications and devices.

The solution should be:

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Robust against cyber-attacks
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Compatible
  • Affordable
  • Open

It should benefit a wide range of the EU population, from healthy to impaired citizens of all ages.

This prize aims to significantly improve citizen’s overall experience related to online authentication. It will boost the adoption of services and products provided within the Digital Single Market of the European Union.

This prize also complements the activities of the Cybersecurity cPPP which works to develop Europe’s strengths in digital security.

The prizes 

  • 2,800,000 euros for the winner(s)
  • 700,000 euros for the 1st runner-up
  • 500,000 euros for the 2nd runner-up

Who can apply? 

The contest is open to any legal entity (including indidivuals) or group of legal entities established in an EU Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020. This means that you can apply on your own as a company or an individual or as a group.

The full name fo this funding call is OnlineSecurityPrize-01-2017: Inducement prize: Online security – Seamless personal authentication

If you would like support in engaging with this funding opportunity, in particular with building a group to apply, get in touch with the European Team. 

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