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Funding to develop a prototype for wireless sensor networks based on energy harvesting technologies

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19 Dec 2017, 17:00
11 Sep 2018, 17:00
Horizon 2020

European programme Horizon 2020 is offering some funding thought its Inducement Prize: Zero Power Water Infrastructure Monitoring (H2020-POWERWATERPRIZE-2018).

Horizon 2020 wants to empower the EU water distribution market with solutions to their challenges. The solutions will be based on wireless sensor networks with energy harvesting technologies, designed for real-time monitoring of water management. It also aims at stimulating broader European efforts in developing solutions for this societal need.

Prizes will be awarded to working prototypes for wireless sensor networks based on energy harvesting technologies. The prototypes will be designed to efficiently acquire, monitor, communicate and analyse information about water resources in natural or man-made environments.

The prize is open in terms of energy sources and parameters to be monitored but proposed solutions should have a clear application. They should also demonstrate a positive impact.

In the past years, the R&D community, their industrial partners and water utilities have identified emerging challenges for smart water monitoring.

Software challenges

  • The interoperability of systems.
  • Harmonisation of software development.
  • Processing algorithms and storage technologies that are capable to accommodate increasing amounts of data.

Hardware challenges

  • The increasing number of sensors that collect real-time and near real-time information and its power supply. Energy harvesting technologies offer a promising solution. This is especially true when traditional technologies are impractical because of hard-to-reach and risky location as well as the small size and the number of the devices required.
  • Developing solutions that are able to optimise energy storage to last for the expected lifetime of the device.

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