Open programme round 3

Funding details
Registration opens
12 Jun 2017, 09:00
Registration closes
09 Aug 2017, 12:00
09 Aug 2017, 12:00
up to £15 million
Innovate UK

UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £15 million. This is to deliver game-changing, cutting-edge innovations with significant potential for impact on the UK economy.

Innovate UK’s open competition aims to overcome barriers to cutting-edge, game-changing innovation becoming a successful commercial reality and/or resulting in significant, sustainable business growth.

The open research and development (R&D) competition provides support for businesses to undertake an innovative project and is designed to:

  • help businesses overcome barriers to innovation
  • reduce the risk financially and technically in developing an innovative idea or concept for commercialisation and scale up
  • enable businesses to address high-growth opportunities if their concept doesn’t fit one of the Innovate UK sectors or has multiple themes with differing scopes
  • speed up the journey from an idea to commercialisation where timing can make all the difference to prospects
    position businesses to be able to access private investment to support their innovative ideas
  • provide crucial support for businesses with significant ambition and potential for growth, to develop highly innovative products, processes or services with commercialisation potential and scale up, preferably with access to global markets.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
There is also the opportunity to apply for another support mechanism: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). This is not part of however, and should not be included in, the open application which refers specifically and only to the project that is to be funded through open.

For KTPs, applications are accepted across all disciplines.

For further information please see the guidance for KTPs. Interested parties should contact the relevant KTP adviser on how to apply.

Any applications for KTP need to go through a separate application process. KTP applicants are subject to the same application deadline as stated above.

To clarify, you do not need to apply for KTP as part of this competition which is quite separate. We are simply informing you of the opportunity to do so.

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