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Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG)

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Funding details
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18 Dec 2017, 12:00
31 Jan 2018, 23:59
£1.14 Million

Part of the Department for Transport’s Innovation Grant funding.

The purpose of the scheme is to:

  • Reduce barriers to innovation and advance technology in transport
  • Enable a better transport system in the UK
  • Exploit smart ideas that have the potential to develop further
  • Fund early stage innovations to take to the next stage of development

T-TRIG competitions

This round of T-TRIG has 3 separate calls:

  1. An open call for novel and innovative ideas focused on transport
  2. A targeted “Improving the performance of the UK’s road network using Big Data and Machine Learning” call
  3. A targeted “Maritime Autonomy, Technology and solutions to Reduce Shipping Emissions” call

Briefing webinars were held on 20th December and 4th January. If you would like to discuss the opportunity, please contact a member of our Transport team.

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