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Defence and Security

Bridging the gaps between the defence and security S&T research community and the wider UK technology supply base.

Defence and Security at the Knowledge Transfer Network

The Knowledge Transfer Network’s Defence and Security team can help you or your business with funding, expertise and connecting with innovators from other sectors.

Please contact our Defence and Security Team:

Hazel Biggs – Knowledge Transfer Manager, Defence and Security

Ian Osborne – Head of Complex Systems

You can also keep up to date with news, funding and events across the Defence and Security sector by connecting with the KTN Defence and Security group on LinkedIn or following KTN Defence and Security on Twitter.

Cyber security – challenge or opportunity?
Data, and it's security, presents many issues for us to be wary of but also provides much scope for innovation.
The Quantum Revolution: Commercialising Quantum Technology
By Bob Cockshott, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Position, Navigation & Timing and Quantum and Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group lead.
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